Jan 17, 2011

Wonders - Part 3

So the final installment is camping. I love capturing moments, the way light hits someone's face, or that moment when someone is laughing from the heart. Not an easy feat because as soon as you shove a camera in someone's face they tend to sober up, freeze and contort their face into a silly face or a faked smile. I am a culprit of this too, and its something people can't help, its a deep seated this self-conscious fear of 'looking bad' in a photo, one finds it easier to make a face and actually having a bad photo than to stay looking 'natural' and then producing what they deem is a bad photo. It a self preservation technique, a way to control how the world views them and how they view themselves. People everywhere you are beautiful, you are your worst critic, do not be affraid of the camera. You are beautiful.

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