Dec 20, 2011

katelyn mooney

My posts have been slow this month, I thought I was going to have ridiculous amounts of time since I graduated but it seems I have somehow unexpectedly landed a full time job. But christmas holidays are coming and I have some very exciting shots from Meredith festival i went to few weekends ago and a roll of black and white film that I am super excited to develop, but first I have to teach myself how, so in the mean time here are some pretty pictures by Katelyn Mooney

Dec 5, 2011

Kim Asendorf

Glitches, pixels and experiments. Most of his work makes me think what? And his website is hilarious and dificult to navigate but there are many gems within his work, very interesting artist.
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Dec 3, 2011

Lara Dhondt

mmm still life and juxtaposition gives meaning to seemingly autonomous objects.
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Nov 24, 2011

David Bray

I like this drawing style a lot. The control, detail, precision and colour choices.

Find him here

Nov 18, 2011


Clever way to reuse bottles.

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Nov 16, 2011

Lawerence Yang

Lawerence Yang's paintings remind me of sophisticated versions of the ink drawings we did in pripary school by blowing on blobs of ink with a straw to create patterns. They are just so lovely and intricate.

Nov 10, 2011


love this shot. the darkness seeping into her hair, the top half being pulled taught. yeah.

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Fun.Summer.Making? Yes Please

So I haven't posted in forever, but uni is officially out forever, woohoo. So more time for creative fun projects. epp! so hereto drawing for the sake of drawing, making and lots of photo taking, getting my hands dirty and fun fun fun!

kelly lynn jones

Sep 23, 2011

Architecture is Amazing

so is Landscape Architecture, this post celebrates the amazing world of Landscape Architecture, where long standing beliefs and boundaries of what it is and can be are explored, pushed and broken. Architecture is beautiful and not always so pragmatic and practical. the process of design is sometimes more enticing and wonderful than the finished product, and the drawings produced are not dry and dull section and plans. But beautiful, elusive and abstracted drawings that explores notions, concepts and representations of life.

Neil Spiller

Aug 30, 2011


Sometimes photos can capture potential, potential to leap to life. Its that frozen moment in time that makes you wonder "what happens next ?" or more powerfully "what is the story behind this?"

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Joshua Harrison Whitelaw via (not) common people

Kilian Martin

nicholas nixon

Robert Kinmont

Brendan George via Boooom

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Aug 27, 2011

Road Tripping: Red Centre

I recently went on a trip through to Central Australia. I am doing my final semester at university (hence the lack of posts, but as soon as i graduate watch out for the torrents of posts haha) and we did a camping trip to see how people in some of the most remote places live. Here are some of the beautiful landscapes I documented.