Nov 24, 2011

David Bray

I like this drawing style a lot. The control, detail, precision and colour choices.

Find him here

Nov 18, 2011


Clever way to reuse bottles.

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Nov 16, 2011

Lawerence Yang

Lawerence Yang's paintings remind me of sophisticated versions of the ink drawings we did in pripary school by blowing on blobs of ink with a straw to create patterns. They are just so lovely and intricate.

Nov 10, 2011


love this shot. the darkness seeping into her hair, the top half being pulled taught. yeah.

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Fun.Summer.Making? Yes Please

So I haven't posted in forever, but uni is officially out forever, woohoo. So more time for creative fun projects. epp! so hereto drawing for the sake of drawing, making and lots of photo taking, getting my hands dirty and fun fun fun!

kelly lynn jones