Dec 20, 2011

katelyn mooney

My posts have been slow this month, I thought I was going to have ridiculous amounts of time since I graduated but it seems I have somehow unexpectedly landed a full time job. But christmas holidays are coming and I have some very exciting shots from Meredith festival i went to few weekends ago and a roll of black and white film that I am super excited to develop, but first I have to teach myself how, so in the mean time here are some pretty pictures by Katelyn Mooney

Dec 5, 2011

Kim Asendorf

Glitches, pixels and experiments. Most of his work makes me think what? And his website is hilarious and dificult to navigate but there are many gems within his work, very interesting artist.
via I like this art

Dec 3, 2011

Lara Dhondt

mmm still life and juxtaposition gives meaning to seemingly autonomous objects.
via we find wildness