Mar 30, 2011

Drawing with Intent

At uni we were asked to revisit past work and redraw our designs with "intent". I went exploring to find how other people do it. What is it to draw with intent?  an ability to express or show something through drawing, a purpose to the drawing, to evoke emotion, to explain something. I think these are very seductive.

Dan Slavinsky

Neil Spiller via lebbeus woods
karina eibatova
nimit malavia

Mar 24, 2011


Hihih -I get them in summer and a few stubborn ones never disapear - "no it's not smudged make up, it's a freckle".

your dream

Mar 20, 2011

Philippe Vogelenzang

Philippe Vogelenzang. Although his photographs are constructed they have an ability to reveal something about the human condition. Lovely.

Mar 13, 2011


Thinking of changing my blog. I fee its not really me. so stay tuned for upcoming changes.

It's been a while

I started uni again, so the blogging has to take the back burner, so post will have bigger gaps between them.

Alex Stoddard via miss paq
Martina Hoogland Ivanow via miss paq