Jan 22, 2011

Lose Your Fear

This is a true problem. Fear. It is all too consuming and makes one doubt oneself. This is my biggest issues, I am constantly questioning myself and too afraid to do things incase I am judged and received negatively. It is one of the reasons I stared this blog, to show my photographs and share my ideas to an audience instead of always hiding. However I still haven't told any of my friends or family about this blog for fear of  being ridiculed, and worst of all being told that my photography and self expression is wrong, and not worthy. I wish I didn't need external appraisal and approval, but i guess we all want to feel worthy and special. There is a psychological theory that we identify ourselves by how others see us, because it is especially hard to analyse ourselves. It is easy to see other peoples faults and merits but it is especially hard to turn that eye inwards and see our own worth.

Poster design by Amanda Cherie.

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