Jan 25, 2011


So i recently started to watch a childhood show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and reading the rest of the Harry Potter series and it has got me thinking and fantasising about magic. I wish I had magical powers, like flying, I love those dreams where you are flying. I always feel so free and happy.

Lissy Elle, creates these wonderful and wistful magic filled moments. There seems to be a general disassosiation from photo manipulation in the photography world and a move towards the 'natural, true to life and real' expression in photography as of late. however I've always thought a well manipulated photograph is just as valid and beautiful. She is really skilled, and has a magical eye.

You Are Small: A Message From the Universe

How to Light Your Own Way





The Warehouse

Battle for the Kingdom

Catch and Release

Jan 22, 2011

Lose Your Fear

This is a true problem. Fear. It is all too consuming and makes one doubt oneself. This is my biggest issues, I am constantly questioning myself and too afraid to do things incase I am judged and received negatively. It is one of the reasons I stared this blog, to show my photographs and share my ideas to an audience instead of always hiding. However I still haven't told any of my friends or family about this blog for fear of  being ridiculed, and worst of all being told that my photography and self expression is wrong, and not worthy. I wish I didn't need external appraisal and approval, but i guess we all want to feel worthy and special. There is a psychological theory that we identify ourselves by how others see us, because it is especially hard to analyse ourselves. It is easy to see other peoples faults and merits but it is especially hard to turn that eye inwards and see our own worth.

Poster design by Amanda Cherie.

Jan 21, 2011

Nature Fantasy

Jennifer Tzar creates these magical scenes, the settings are beautiful, however what makes them magical is the costumes and models that create these unreal scenes. Tzars other works are more manipulated, utilizing photoshop to create some interesting juxtaposition.

Jan 19, 2011


So here is another installment of wonderful art from around the net. Inspiring photographs mainly.A variety of cameras and techniques, from digital to film, black and white to colour and varied photo effects and manipulations. Enjoy!


greg kadel
oracle fox

oracle fox
sophie van der per

Jan 17, 2011

Wonders - Part 3

So the final installment is camping. I love capturing moments, the way light hits someone's face, or that moment when someone is laughing from the heart. Not an easy feat because as soon as you shove a camera in someone's face they tend to sober up, freeze and contort their face into a silly face or a faked smile. I am a culprit of this too, and its something people can't help, its a deep seated this self-conscious fear of 'looking bad' in a photo, one finds it easier to make a face and actually having a bad photo than to stay looking 'natural' and then producing what they deem is a bad photo. It a self preservation technique, a way to control how the world views them and how they view themselves. People everywhere you are beautiful, you are your worst critic, do not be affraid of the camera. You are beautiful.

Jan 14, 2011

Wonders - Part 2

It is always disappointing trying to capture a place or view, your camera can never encapsulate the surrounds because it is not only what you see but hear and feel. A photograph is merely an impression, a moment in time, a portion of what you experience. Nevertheless we always attempt it, but that is not to say that it is impossible to evoke emotion and produce magical landscape photos, it is about catching and framing a place so that it is most evoking or magical. Here is a glimpse into Tasmania, its beauty and my attempts at capturing the landscape.