Jan 11, 2011

December Excitement

Here are some photos I took in december. It was a fun close to the year 2010. It was a hard year, with my motivation levels hitting rock bottom, I spent a lot of time in bed reading books instead of keeping up with my uni and catching up with friends. But december seemed to have picked up my mood, perhaps it was the end of uni, the summer days or perhaps it is the iron tablets I started to take hehe, but what ever it was its continued on in early 2011. Lets hope the rest of this year follows suit.

Oh thes shots were taken with my very own SLR that I got for my birthday in december. That's right my very own Canon EOS,  more focus, louder click, all the more to annoy my friends. I also got a lovely vintage Olympus OM10, it is one sexy camera. I will hopefully upload some of my film photography, but I don't have a scanner at the moment, sadness...soon

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