Feb 1, 2011

sky water sand

I took these shots at a local beach whilst strolling with my lover. I especially love the one of the teenager jumping of the peer, it must have been spontaneous for the were in their underwear, how youthful.
However it took me a long time to get the courage to take the shot, and i would have got some very awesome and exciting shots had i gotten the courage earlier. I wish I can just take a snap of people I see randomly, there are so many moments where I've wanted to take a photo of someone but have been too afraid of the repercussions. I have this image that the person would stroll up to me  grab my camera and throw it on the ground or worse ask me to delete the image because they thought it was horrible. I received a beautiful book for my birthday of Robert Doisneau, he took photographs of Paris for 30 years and it was fascinating. He took playful photographs of people walking, sitting and doing daily things, but mostly they were observational photographs of a moment that is special. A moment in time, a special angle, two things align and create something special and truly unique. I hope I get there.

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